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Want to immerse yourself into the truly magnificent era of the Italian kings, see their residences, castles, visit museums and art galleries? All this you will find here in the glorious Italian city of Turin.
Turin is located approximately 500 km from Rome, in the northwest of the capital of Italy. The area surrounding the city is very beautiful itself, since Turin is located near the Western Alps and near the Po River. We recommend traveling in Turin from its historic center, where Piazza Castello is located. Here you can see a medieval fortress with a castle facade (Palazzo Madama), Reggio Theater (Teatro Regio di Torino), the prefecture’s house with a covered gallery. The Armory Chamber (L’Armeria Reale) houses the largest collection of armor and weapons in Europe.

Among all the sights, the Mole Antonelliana tower stands out. It is considered one of the symbols of Turin and now there is the national museum of cinematography of Italy. Lovers and collectors of vintage cars should visit the National Automobile Museum in Turin. Well, for those who are fond of ancient Egyptian civilization, you just need to visit the Egyptian museum.

You should also definitely see the Royal Theater and visit the Castle of Valentina (Castello del Valentino), which is located on the coast of the Po River. Palazzo Carignano (Palazzo Carignano) also attracts the attention of tourists. Its curved main staircase and double dome were considered as something very unusual in architectural terms during the Baroque period. So, the Palazzo Carignano can be considered a palace with a twist. Another building that deserves the attention of tourists is the Queen’s Villa (Villa della Regina). This is a magnificent palace surrounded by an amazing garden with terraces, fountains and grottoes.

The sights of Turin can be listed for a very long time because this city, as you can see, is replete with luxurious buildings that once belonged to kings and other noble people. In order to make it easier for you to plan your trip and move from one point of the city to another, «Turin Taxi CAB SRL» company is pleased to offer you transfer and taxi services in Turin and its environs. When ordering a taxi from us, you get maximum pleasure from each trip and feel comfortable and relaxed. Our drivers are real professionals. They are fluent in English and know the shortest routes. Book a transfer by phone +39 335 820 4221 (WhatsApp) or e-mail  and enjoy every trip.

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