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Turin Airport Caselle (TRN) is a major airport in the city of Turin in northern Italy, also known as Sandro Pertini International Airport. An unusual feature of Turin Airport is that this civilian airport was built on the site of a military base. The airport serves a number of domestic and many international flights.

Cervinia is one of the oldest and most famous Italian ski resorts, and the highest of all operating today. The highest point from which the slopes of this resort start is located at an altitude of 3480 m. The tourist season lasts six months, from December to May, and all this time tourists can enjoy the best snow slopes in Italy. In addition, the town of Breul-Cervinia pleases travelers with numerous hotels, restaurants and bars for every taste and budget.

The distance between Turin Airport and the ski resort of Cervinia is only 121 km, but using public transport, travelers can only get from Turin Airport to Cervinia with transfers. You need to start the journey by train, and continue it by bus. This is not very convenient, especially for those traveling with children or with a lot of luggage and equipment.

A much more convenient and comfortable way to get from Turin Airport to Cervinia resort is to book a taxi with our private transfer company. Forget about the hassle, waiting, or hiring a local taxi at unreasonably inflated prices. Contact our company and polite, highly professional English-speaking drivers will meet you at the airport with a name plate, load your luggage into an unmarked car typical of a taxi, and in about an hour and a half you will be right at the doorstep of the hotel or guest house where you decide to stay. When planning your trip, keep in mind that traffic jams are possible on Saturday, as most tourists arrive in Cervinia on this day, and the journey can take up to two hours.

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