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Italy is one of the centers of attraction for tourists in Europe. There are many vacationers who come to the country for a variety of purposes — from going on excursions and shopping to skiing. Fans of snow-capped peaks and dizzying slopes often pay attention to the Courmayeur ski resort, one of the most famous and elite in Italy. Bordering France, this picturesque resort is especially popular with advanced skiers who are not intimidated by difficult slopes. Additionally, here you can enjoy the Pre Saint Didier baths, known since ancient Rome, exquisite hotels, restaurants and luxurious festive carnivals.

How to get from from Caselle to Courmayeur?

Many travelers find it difficult to get to Courmayeur from Turin Airport (TRN). This major international airport, in addition to domestic flights, receives flights from dozens of countries every day.
The journey from Turin Airport to Courmayeur takes just over four hours by bus, but there is no direct connection. You have to make a transfer, and besides, buses run only five times a day, which is not very convenient for those tourists whose plane arrives at Turin airport a few hours before the bus leaves.
There is an option to take the bus for a bit first, then do the main part of the journey by train, and then transfer to another bus again, but in this case the journey will take four and a half hours.
Both of these ways to get to the resort are extremely inconvenient due to the fact that making transfers and waiting for the next type of transport with bulky luggage for a ski holiday is below average pleasure. In addition, the resort is located quite close to the airport, and transport does not go along the shortest possible path, which is why the trip is quite long.

Taxi or personal transfer from Torino Airport to Courmayeur

You can make this journey with great comfort, in just an hour and a half along the shortest possible path, by ordering a personal transfer service from our company. We are not just a taxi service. We make sure that our customers get the best possible experience from their trips, so we provide for all the little things related to the trip, from meeting the client at the airport with a name plate to having wet wipes and drinking water in the car. All our drivers speak English. As for the cars, these are Mercedes vehicles not older than three years.

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