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Turin annually attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world. This city surprisingly combines the luxury of Baroque buildings with the atmosphere of a business center. Turin is on the list of 250 of the most interesting places in the world, and its ancient history is easy to read in all its squares, castles, museums and parks.
The largest number of attractions in Turin is concentrated in the city center. There are the Royal Palace, the Palazzo Carignano, the Egyptian Museum, the Risorgimento Museum, the Palazzo Madama and many others. But if you go a little south, then you will find no less pleasant and wonderful pastime.
Start your walk in the south of Turin with Valentino Park, where the castle of the same name is located. All this place is under the protection of UNESCO and attracts many tourists to nearby hotels, the windows of which offer stunning views of the surroundings of the castle. The Po River flows nearby, beautiful trees and flowers grow around, so all this gives the castle a special charm. The facades of Valentino’s castle are also unusual: the front facade is made in the Baroque style with obvious French features, and the one that faces the river looks very impressive with its towers and red brick trim. In addition, the castle often hosts various events: exhibitions, festivals and concerts.
The next outstanding landmark in the south of Turin is the National Automobile Museum. This is a three-story building, the area of which is completely occupied by cars of various brands and colors. The entire territory of the museum is divided into several blocks: valuable and rare cars, race cars, details of gasoline cars, electric cars and foreign cars. We are sure that this museum will not leave you indifferent, because you will not see such a number of rare cars anywhere else.
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